Ready to Ace Your Upcoming Best Buy Ignite Expert Interview?

How to Ace the Ignite Expert Interview at Best Buy?

Congratulations on getting an opportunity to interview for the position of Ignite Expert at Best Buy. The bad news is that the interview process can be quite difficult. This blog article will list out a several tips and tricks to help you ace your upcoming interview.

Here goes:

1. Start by Studying the Interview Process at Best Buy for the Position of Ignite Expert

Before going into your interview, it vital to understand the interview process at Best Buy. This will help you plan your strategy and you won't be surprised through the interview process.

The Best Buy Ignite Expert interview process is as follows:

The interview process at Best Buy starts with a recruiter phone screen.

Right after the phone interview, the candidate will be either invited to an onsite interview or have another phone interview with the hiring manager.

The onsite interview is typically conducted by peers and managers on your future team. You will have at least 3 interviews.

The interview includes mostly behavioral and situational type questions focused around sales and customer service.

The interview process takes about 2-3 weeks to get an offer or a rejection from Best Buy, though sometimes it can be sooner.

2. Study the Consumer Electronics and Appliances Stores industry in detail.

Best Buy operates within the Consumer Electronics and Appliances Stores industry. So, it is vital to understand this industry in detail before going into the interview.

Here are industry details for the Consumer Electronics and Appliances Stores industry:

Industry Name: Consumer Electronics and Appliances Stores

In 2015, the U.S. consumer electronics industry had a retail market size of 283.03 billion U.S. dollars. Retail volume sales of consumer electronics decreased by 1% in 2017, marking the fifth consecutive year of sales decline.

Some product categories that until only recently had been the engines of growth in the consumer electronics space in the US, such as mobile phones and tablets, appear to have reached full maturity and are experiencing diminishing volume sales.

Additionally, some newer product categories which are growing at a healthy clip, such as wireless speakers, are being used by consumers in ways that eliminate the need for more conventional electronic devices; as a result, the unit sales gains from these popular, cutting-edge products are being cancelled out by sales decline in more mature categories.

Furthermore, the ubiquity of smartphones and the growing popularity of streaming digital media are pushing some entire product categories, such as portable media players and video players, to the brink of obsolescence. As a result, despite a few areas of significant growth, overall volume sales of consumer electronics are down.

Retail volume sales of consumer electronics decreased by 1% in 2017, marking the fifth consecutive year of sales decline. Volume sales of consumer electronics are expected to continue to decline every year over the 2017-2022 period. (Euromonitor International report)

Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, Apple retail store

Economic recovery is expected to drive renewed consumer spending and carry the industry into a somewhat stunted comeback.

A few product types, particularly wireless speakers, are expected to see massive sales gains over 2017-2022.

The younger generation (those between the ages of 18 and 34) intensely crave consumer electronics technology and associated services and applications, and should be a focal point of consumer electronics retailers.

The industry has been plagued by sluggish growth in per capita disposable income and consumer confidence over the past few years

Over the past few years, consumer electronics retailers including Best Buy, RadioShack (RSH), and hhgregg, Inc. have faced several challenges. These companies have been hit by the emergence of online retailers like Amazon.

Difficult economic conditions in the broader market have had more of an impact on consumer discretionary products like electronics. As well, pure-play companies have been facing price wars from big-box or large-store discounters such as Wal-Mart and Target.

3. Study Best Buy in detail.

Next you must ensure you understand Best Buy in detail. You will be asked tons of questions regarding Best Buy, so it's best to be prepared. Here are company details for Best Buy that you must prepare for:

Company Name: Best Buy

Vision, Mission, Culture and Values

“Our formula is simple: we’re a growth company focused on better solving the unmet needs of our customers—and we rely on our employees to solve those puzzles. Thanks for stopping."

“Customer-focused and employee-executed”

“The Best Buy Values are: Unleash the Power of Our People; Learn from Challenge and Change; Show Respect, Humility, and Integrity; Have Fun While Being the Best"


Consumer Electronics, Computing and Mobile Phones, Entertainment, Appliances, Services



As an electronics retailer, it makes sense that Best Buy typically offers the best deals in televisions, brand-name HDTVs, in particular

Customers often can find deals of more than 25% off, plus free shipping

Best Buy also has a generous price-match guarantee matching the advertised price of both local and online competitors, such as Amazon, Newegg and TigerDirect


Best Buy does carry quality and reliable accessories, but customers can often find cables, chargers and cellphone cases of a similar caliber for lower prices at online retailers such as Amazon.

Customers have also mentioned of not finding what they were looking for


Best Buy’s target consists of its Domestic and International segments. The Domestic segment, is made up 92% of the retailer's total sales in fiscal 2017. The company's International segment (8% of revenue) focuses on markets in Canada and Mexico.

Since most undergraduate college students today are of the Millennial generation, Best Buy focuses particular interest on this case on this cohort as a target market

Offers great prices on a variety of electronic products

Best Buy offers 18-month no-interest financing on major appliance purchases of $599 or more with its My Best Buy credit card

Best Buy also tends to have some of the best television deals during Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales

Although prices of electronic items are less, while accessories are priced lesser by its competitors like Amazon

Instead of getting Best Buy gift cards in-store at full price, it is better buying them at a discount at sites such as Cardpool or Raise. These sites sell gift cards for less than face value. Customers can often find Best Buy gift cards at a discount of 5% or more

Snacks or candy at the Best Buy checkout are pricier than their grocery store counterparts.


Major competitors include Amazon, Apple, Home Depot, Walmart, etc.

Electronic accessories are priced lesser by Best Buy’s competitors like Amazon

Struggling from declining sales amidst stiff competition from retailers like Amazon and Wal-Mart, Best Buy reiterated that in 2016 and beyond, it would look for ways to optimize store space, renegotiate leases, and selectively open and close locations to support the company's long-term transformation. It is also focusing on important key products, including emerging product categories like connected home products and appliances as a means to attract additional customers.


Hubert Joly, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Shari Ballard, Senior Executive Vice President and President of Multichannel Retail

Corie Barry, Chief Financial Officer

Matt Furman, Chief Communications and Public Affairs Officer

Mike Mohan, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Merchandising and Marketing Officer

Asheesh Saksena, Chief Strategic Growth Officer

Ron Wilson, President and Chief Operating Officer, Best Buy Canada Ltd.


$39,403M (2016) and $39,528M (2015)

$9,440M (2016) and $9,191M (2015)

23.96% (2016) and 23.25% (2015)

$1,228M (2016) and $897M (2015)

3.12% (2016) and 2.27% (2015)

-0.3% (2016) and -2% (2015)

The company generated more than 45% of its total revenue from computers and mobile phone sales in 2017, while over 30% of its revenue came from consumer electronic sales. The remaining revenue came from Entertainment (nearly 7%), Appliances (6%), and Services (5%)


The company plans to expand its International segment by expanding the launch of successful store remodels in Canada and by opening nine new stores in Mexico during 2017 through 2019.

Invest in customer experience improvements

Create growth in International business by continuing to invest in ecommerce channel, continuing to roll out the successful store remodels in Canada, and opening nine new stores in Mexico over the next two years.


    Best Buy cutting 400 remote Geek Squad jobs Retail Dive 31-Jul-2017

    Best Buy stock plunges as Amazon reportedly launches Geek Squad competitor article 10-Jul-2017

    Best Buy Partners with Vivint Smart Home to Launch Leading-Edge Smart Home Service 04-May-2017

4. Study the Job Description for the Position of Ignite Expert at Best Buy.

The job description is a vital piece of the interview process at Best Buy. The job description can be used as the language of the company. Here is what we recommend.

1. Print out the job description.

2. Highlight the key responsibilities within the job description.

3. Think about times in your career or personal life where you've shown or performed those responsibilities.

It is almost guaranteed that you will get questions related to these responsibilities, so why not prepare for them in advance.

You can practice with the job description below:

(One example of Ignite Expert at Best Buy. Kindly do this exercise by getting the job description from your recruiter/hiring manager or online).

The Ignite Expert is responsible for delivering an end-to-end Ignite Experience across all aspects of the Ignite ecosystem. This role will achieve sales targets in units, revenue, margin, and solutions and ensures that no customers are ever left unserved or underserved, providing velocity, full-service, and solutions support to customers. The Ignite Expert must be able to build quality relationships with retail consumers, while providing them with relevant and memorable product demonstrations. They are “Ignite” and Best Buy certified in taking complex technology and making it simple for clients to understand and see unique value. When not actively working with a customer, the Ignite Expert will be responsible for building relationships, coaching and training with their store and surrounding stores, sharing their vast knowledge of the Ignite ecosystem with sales consultants throughout the store.

Engage customers using selling skills to complete sales, drive profitable growth and achieve their Ignite/individual goals with a focus on providing sales support in the department.

Use innovative customer engagement and creative sales techniques to increase sales of Ignite Ecosystem products throughout the store.

Able to take complex technology and experiences and make it simple for customers and other employees.

Field questions about product features and explains benefits to consumers to engage and excite them by showing how the right products can enrich their lives.

Maintain a high level of product knowledge within new technology, mobile product, advanced experience zone product and across the Ignite ecosystem.

Support Ignite sales readiness to service customers throughout the day; primarily ensuring Ignite display maintenance and verifying in-store product assortment/pricing.

Communicate general maintenance needs to Merchandise Team who will have primary responsibility daily for merchandise standards and clean/bright.

Act as trusted subject matter expert, brand advocate, and product champion for Ignite product assortment.

Coach store employees to elevate knowledge of offerings and improve confidence in selling Ignite solutions to customers.

Direct interaction and constant feedback on new and existing product, and customer engagement through calls and in person with Ignite partner and market teams.

Provide weekly insights and experiences, performance of the Ignite Experience, promotions, and sales best practices.

Interact with other Ignite Experts across the U.S. on best practices.

What are the Professional Requirements of a Best Buy Ignite Expert?

3 months of experience in sales, customer service or retail

6 months experience selling wireless services, handsets or accessories

1 year of sales experience

1 year of experience working with consumer electronics

5. Practice the Top Questions and Answers consistently asked.

Finally, you must practice the top questions that have been consistently asked as part of the Ignite Expert interview at Best Buy. Here is a list that you should be prepared for:

    What is a typical sales call according to you?

2.    What do you think some of the most important parts of selling are?

    What would you do to improve your presentation to clients?

    How do you close a sale?

5.    How do you go about building a relationship with a customer?

6.    This is a tough territory. The last two guys here didn't make it. How will you be different?

7.    How would you sell when you currently have no list of customers to contact?

8.    How did you build your clientele at your previous job? Who do you consider a client?

9.    Sell me this pen.

10. Would you be comfortable reaching out to customers and selling to them?

12. How would you convince your customer to upgrade his or her service or product?

13. How would you overcome the objection that our products are too expensive?

14. Paper Company A sells 8x8 White Standard Copy for $9, Paper Company B sells the same product for $5. Why in the world would someone pay Paper Company a $9 for a product they could get for $5?

16. How would you sell in a tough economy?

17. What would you do if you had to deal with an upset customer?

What would you do if a customer was very upset and when they got to you, took all their frustration and anger out on you?

How would you handle and customer who cursed you out for a mistake you made?

If a customer wants a refund from a bill she didn't pay, what is your response?

How would you handle the following situation: You have a customer calling and telling you they were over charged their account and demands a refund?

How would you interact with people that are on a much lower economic level than yourself?

What would you do if your customer was blind?

You have a customer looking for a small product that you are unfamiliar with and another customer comes up for help with a much larger and more expensive purchase. What do you do?

If a customer was to ask for my assistance in a department that was not my own, what would I do?

Describe a time you got bad customer service.

Hope this helps.

Till next time,

Coursetake Team

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