Bank of America Teller/Customer Support Representative Interview Preparation
Bank of America Teller/Customer Support Representative Interview Preparation
Bank of America Teller/Customer Support Representative Interview Preparation
Bank of America Teller/Customer Support Representative Interview Preparation
Bank of America Teller/Customer Support Representative Interview Preparation
Bank of America Teller/Customer Support Representative Interview Preparation
Bank of America Teller/Customer Support Representative Interview Preparation

Bank of America Teller/Customer Support Representative Interview Preparation

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  • Now with over 100 questions and answers for practice.
  • Added a 121-page workbook to complement the course and slides.

Let us help you ace your upcoming Teller/Customer Service Representative interview at Bank of America


Congratulations on starting the journey towards a new job at Bank of America. Whether you are starting your new career, changing your career, moving in your current company or just looking for something new, CONGRATULATIONS.


The Bad News

The entire interview process can get stressful. From phone interviews, to on site interviews, to avoiding nervousness be becoming confident, to learning about the company, to wearing the right clothes etc. etc. etc. - there is a lot going on.


The Bigger Problem

Lack of confidence before an interview. The # 1 reason why people fail at an interview. 

Coursetake’s 8 x 3 Step Interview Preparation Plan to Ace Your Upcoming Teller Interview at Bank of America

To ace your Teller interview at Bank of America, we propose an 8 x 3 Interview mastery plan that consists of 8 core steps and 3 acceleration steps. 

  1. The 8 Core Steps – Follow one step at a time.
    1. Step 1 – Figure out the interview process at Bank of America.
    2. Step 2 – Study the Banking industry.
    3. Step 3 – Study the company Bank of America in detail.
    4. Step 4 – Study the Job Description for Teller at Bank of America.
    5. Step 5 – Study the Main Question Types.
    6. Step 6 – Practice, Practice, Practice.
    7. Step 7 – Ask the Right Questions.
    8. Step 8 – Get Ready for Interview Day.
  1. The 3 Acceleration Steps – Follow throughout the process.
    1. Get Motivated
    2. Get Organized
    3. Stay Consistent

We’ve done the work for you

  1. We’ve already researched the interview process for a Teller at Bank of America.
  2. We’ve already researched the Banking industry.
  3. We’ve already researched Bank of America.
  4. We know exactly how to study the job description.
  5. We know exactly how to answer every question asked the Teller interview at Bank of America.
  6. We will tell you exactly how you should practice.
  7. We know exactly what questions you should ask.
  8. We know exactly what you need to do on interview day.

More Importantly

  1. We know exactly how you should work on your confidence and avoid any nervousness during your interview.
  2. We know exactly how you should be organized.
  3. We know exactly how you should stay consistent.

Bank of America’s Teller Interview Preparation Course

This class is purely about preparing for an upcoming Teller Job Interview with Bank of America.

My aim is to take you through a systematic process one step at a time to help you ace this upcoming interview.

Whether it’s on the phone, in person, or through video.

Whether it’s your group interview or individual interview.

My approach will be to first teach you a lesson (modules) and then give you homework for you to complete.

This class consists of worksheets and slides, along with the video lectures, that you can download.

I’ve seen that the most successful candidates are the ones who NOT ONLY follow the lessons, but do the homework at the end of it all.


About Coursetake

Our Mission is to help students ace their upcoming interview.

We do that through job title and company specific interview training. Over 500,000 students helped in over 100 countries. Learn more at 

We are all hiring managers. We will give you the hiring manager’s perspective. The person who is going to write you a paycheck. Not recruiters or human resources.

Learn more at  

 What will you get as part of this course?

  1. 369-page slide on how to ace the upcoming Teller Interview at Bank of America.
  2. 3 hours of video to walk you through everything.
  3. 121-page workbook to complement the slides.
  4. 24/7 email support whenever you want it.
  5. Tons of Frameworks and over 100 Questions and Answers for Practice
Sample Questions and Answers Covered as Part of this Course
  • Why do you want to work at Bank of America?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • How did you handle an upset customer?
  • Why do you want to join the banking industry?
  • Why do you want to come into banking when you have no previous experience?
  • You are overqualified for this position. Why would you want it?
  • Have you ever had a problem with another co-worker? How did you handle it?
  • Role play with a customer.
  • How would you sell someone a product?
  • Describe a time you had to deal with an upset customer? What did you do to deal with the situation?
  • Are you ok with difficult hours?
  • What is your duties as customer service?
  • How much money did you previously handle?
  • Explain a time that you used strong customer service?
  • How do you build a rapport with a customer?
  • What are your expectations for working here?
  • What was the most difficult situation or request that I had with a customer and how did I deal with it.
  • Role playing interview, Interviewer was the customer and I was the teller, and she was trying to do a deposit?
  • If you see an employee taking one dollar, would you report it?

 About Bank of America

Bank of America is one of the world's largest financial institutions, serving individuals, small- and middle-market businesses and large corporations with a full range of banking, investing, asset management and other financial and risk management products and services. The company serves approximately 56 million U.S. consumer and small business relationships. It is among the world's leading wealth management companies and is a global leader in corporate and investment banking and trading.

Tellers at Bank of America

Summary of Job Position

Financial Center Client Service Representative I i.e. FC CSR Is are responsible for providing a positive customer experience that leads to improved satisfaction and sales. FC CSR I s process transactions accurately and efficiently in a fast-paced environment while simultaneously introducing products and services that meet the customers’ needs and encouraging customers to expand their relationship with Bank of America. This position was previously known as the Teller position within the Financial Center.

Job Description

Duties may include, but are not limited to the following;

  • Create a connection and develop rapport with customers to provide outstanding, personalized service,
  • Listen carefully and connect with customers to understand their top financial priorities and to uncover products and solutions that will benefit them,
  • Ensure customers/clients are quickly connected to the appropriate teammate with the expertise to meet their needs,
  • Meet or exceed sales goals by influencing customers to learn about products/services that will benefit them,
  • Build, develop and maintain partnerships with teammates and specialists to maximize effectiveness and serve customers,
  • Accurately and efficiently process transactions such as customer deposits and cashing checks,
  • Assist customers with inquiries and/or problem resolution in a professional and composed manner, and escalate to manager as appropriate,
  • Inform and educate customers on how to conduct simple transactions through self-service technologies,
  • Follow established policies, procedures and guidelines to protect both our customers and Bank of America,
  • May be required to work Saturdays and/or extended hours.

Required skills:

  • Proven results in exceeding goals in areas of sales and service in a customer-centric, results-driven environment
  • Minimum of six months’ customer service experience in financial services, retail sales or a goal-oriented environment
  • A minimum of six months’ experience with cross-selling, up-selling and/or referring products
  • Thrive on engaging with customers; can begin a conversation, build rapport, and handle objections
  • Ability to identify customer financial needs, goals and objectives; comfortable asking customers about their personal finances
  • Ability to sell customers on meeting with a sales associate to learn about products/services
  • Ability to respond and assist customers with inquiries and/or problem resolution
  • Ability to work effectively as a team member
  • Strong communication skills (including verbal and non-verbal) and active listening skills
  • Careful attention to detail and time management
  • Proficiency in basic computer skills
  • Pass pre-employment assessment

Desired skills:

  • Minimum of six months’ cash handling experience

Shift: 1st shift (United States of America)

Hours Per Week: 20.


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