Getting Ready for the Uber Analytics Test - Part 4 - Understanding Concepts Behind Uber (Theory)

This post is part of a 5 article series that discusses the tools and techniques you will need to ace the Uber Analytics Test. 

In this part we will talk about the theory around Uber's business and go through the concepts around Uber. 

Specifically, we'd like to focus on the metrics around Uber. The metrics that Uber uses are different than what is used in the industry, so its important to understand them. 

You will be asked tons of questions around them, specifically during the multiple choice question and answer portion of the test. 

So we created a brief video that will go through these metrics in greater detail. 

Like before if you'd like to check out our complete course, its available at a low price of $19.99. It contains a 300 page pdf, 2 hours of video content and 3 CSV files that you will get on the exam. 



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