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I’ve always been the kind of person who nails it at job performance, but struggles when it comes to selling to others what I’m capable of. I always get nervous and ramble on, it’s the worst! Because of that, I’ve let many opportunities pass me by. That’s why I’m so grateful I came across Coursetake! Thanks to them, I’ve managed to overcome many of my fears. I can honestly say they have the best and most helpful tips and tricks to help you boost your self-confidence.

Michelle Liapour

Thanks to Coursetake and their team that I've been mentored when it comes to interviewing for jobs. I've changed jobs multiple times and each time I've used Coursetake to help me prepare.

I highly recommend their service.  

Shubhankar Chaudhary

While getting ready for a job interview, a friend recommended Coursetake to help me dig in and find out more about the company I was applying to so I was more prepared because I applied to so many companies and never got a call back. The perspective they provided me with about the company and their hiring practices, overall company culture and job-specific procedures set me apart from any other candidate.

Mike Hinson