Getting Ready for the Uber Analytics Test - Part 1 - Understanding What to Expect on the Test

This post is part of a 5 article series that discusses the tools and techniques you will need to ace the Uber Analytics Test.

In this part we will talk about understanding the format of the test. At the end of this article you should be well versed with what to expect on the test. 

As part of your Uber interview process, especially for General Manager, Associate General Manager, Marketing Manager and Operations and Logistics Manager positions, Uber will ask you to take the Uber Analytics Test, now at Version 3.1. Note that this test can be asked for any position, however it is most common with the above mentioned positions. 


This test is a 2 hour timed test that is taken online. The current version of the test is at Version 3.1 and is conducted by a company called HackerRank. Previous versions of the test were conducted by a company called Classmarker.

Once you finish your recruiter phone screen or if you are selected to take this test, you will be presented with an email such as the following:

Uber Analytics Test

Once you start the test, you will be be presented with a screen such as the follows. 

Uber Analytics Test


The test consists of 32 questions in total: 

  1. 28 Multiple Choice Questions based on two downloadable CSV files.
  2. 4 Short/Long Answer Questions 

Questions will be asked based on 2 CSV files that will be presented to you on the test that you can download and use. 


  1. Between the 1st and the 5th of February, which date has the most completed trips?
  2. What hour of the day from the 15 day period in February had the least number of requests?
  3. What is the weighted average of requests per driver for the 15 day data set


  1. How much will be paid to the drivers for Promotion #2?
  2. Uber wants to give out awards to its drivers. Please determine which drivers will be given awards.
  3. Calculate the net income for a driver in a year.


  1. An Uber driver needs to increase their daily fare amount, which metric should the driver focus on?
  2. How many drivers can Uber hire to start working right away?
  3. Given your knowledge of surge pricing, what are the best determinants for when to kick-in surge pricing in an area?


  1. How should you respond to the city officials claiming that Uber disadvantages older drivers unfamiliar with technology?
  2. Illustrate several values you think are important to maintaining and strengthening Uber’s relationship with drivers. How would you contribute to this community?
  3. Write a letter aimed at Uber drivers who have an acceptance rate of between 70% and 79% to encourage them to accept more requests. Use CSV file 2. 

What's Next?

In the next article, we'll be delving into the excel skills required to ace the test.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please hit the reply button and drop me a line. We will respond personally to every email.

And if you're ahead of the curve and want to get started, feel free to learn more about our complete course on Uber Analytics Test here. It consists of a 300 page PDF, 2 hours of video content, close to 100 practice questions and 3 CSV/Excel files, 2 of which you will get on the test. 

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