"How to Prepare for an Upcoming Job Interview?" Course
"How to Prepare for an Upcoming Job Interview?" Course
"How to Prepare for an Upcoming Job Interview?" Course
"How to Prepare for an Upcoming Job Interview?" Course
"How to Prepare for an Upcoming Job Interview?" Course
"How to Prepare for an Upcoming Job Interview?" Course
"How to Prepare for an Upcoming Job Interview?" Course

"How to Prepare for an Upcoming Job Interview?" Course

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  • Now with over 100 questions and answers for practice.
  • Added a 107-page workbook to compliment the course and slides.

Let us help you ace your upcoming job interview


Congratulations on starting the journey towards a new job. Whether you are starting your new career, changing your career, moving in your current company or just looking for something new, CONGRATULATIONS.


The Bad News 

The entire interview process can get stressful. From phone interviews, to on site interviews, to avoiding nervousness be becoming confident, to learning about the company, to wearing the right clothes etc. etc. etc. - there is a lot going on.


The Bigger Problem

Lack of confidence before an interview. The # 1 reason why people fail at an interview.  

Coursetake’s 8 x 3 Step Interview Preparation Plan to Ace Your Upcoming Job Interview 

8 x 3 Interview Mastery Framework

To ace your job interview at, we propose an 8 x 3 Interview mastery plan that consists of 8 core steps and 3 acceleration steps.

  1. The 8 Core Steps – Follow one step at a time.
    1. Step 1 – Figure out the interview process.
    2. Step 2 – Study the industry in detail.
    3. Step 3 – Study the company in detail.
    4. Step 4 – Study the Job Description in detail.
    5. Step 5 – Study the Main Question Types.
    6. Step 6 – Practice, Practice, Practice.
    7. Step 7 – Ask the Right Questions.
    8. Step 8 – Get Ready for Interview Day.
  1. The 3 Acceleration Steps – Follow throughout the process.
    1. Get Motivated
    2. Get Organized
    3. Stay Consistent

We’ve done the work for you

  1. We know how to research the interview process for a specific job title in a company.
  2. We know how to research an industry.
  3. We know how to research a company.
  4. We know exactly how to study the job description.
  5. We know exactly how to answer every question asked in a job interview.
  6. We will tell you exactly how you should practice.
  7. We know exactly what questions you should ask.
  8. We know exactly what you need to do on interview day.

More Importantly

  1. We know exactly how you should work on your confidence and avoid any nervousness during your interview.
  2. We know exactly how you should be organized.
  3. We know exactly how you should stay consistent.

How to Prepare for Your Upcoming Job Interview Preparation? Course

This class is purely about preparing for an upcoming Job Interview.

My aim is to take you through a systematic process one step at a time to help you ace this upcoming interview.

Whether it’s on the phone, in person, or through video.

Whether it’s your group interview or individual interview.

My approach will be to first teach you a lesson (modules) and then give you homework for you to complete.

This class consists of worksheets and slides, along with the video lectures, that you can download.

I’ve seen that the most successful candidates are the ones who NOT ONLY follow the lessons, but do the homework at the end of it all.


About Coursetake


Our Mission is to help students ace their upcoming interview.

We do that through job title and company specific interview training. Over 500,000 students helped in over 100 countries. Learn more at www.coursetake.com 

We are all hiring managers. We will give you the hiring manager’s perspective. The person who is going to write you a paycheck. Not recruiters or human resources. 

Learn more at www.coursetake.com 

What will you get as part of this course?

  1. 369-page slide on how to ace your upcoming interview.
  2. 3 hours of video to walk you through everything.
  3. 107-page workbook to complement the slides.
  4. 24/7 email support whenever you want it.
  5. Tons of Frameworks and over 100 Questions and Answers for Practice

Sample Questions and Answers Covered as Part of this Course

  1. Why do you want to work for us? 

  2. How do you feel you can help our company/organization? 

  3. If you were choosing someone for this job, what kind of person would you select? 

  4. If you could have your choice of any job, what would you do? 

  5. Why do you want to go into the ______________ field? 

  6. If you feel you have any weakness with regard to this job, what would it be? 

  7. What do you expect in this job that you were not getting in your past jobs? 

  8. What does your spouse think about the kind of work you do? How about this job? 

  9. How do you feel about evening work? 

  10. Assuming we make you an offer, what do you see as your future? 

  11. How would you handle this problem? (After interviewer describes problem) 

  12. Are you considering other positions at this time? How does this one compare with them? 

  13. Why did you leave your last job? 

  14. How long have you been out of work? 

  15. What have you been doing since you left your last job? 

  16. How did you like working at ____________company? Why? 

  17. What are your short range/long range goals? How do you expect to meet them? 

  18. What does success mean to you? How do you judge it? 

  19. What are the things that motivate you? 

  20. Do you plan to get further education, degrees? 

  21. What have you done to improve yourself during the last year? 

  22. How do you spend your spare time? 

  23. Tell me about your health. 

  24. If you could re live your last 15 years, what changes would you make? 

  25. Tell me about your greatest achievement / disappointment in life. 

  26. What are some of your weaknesses? 

  27. What did you like best/least about your last job? 

  28. In your last job, how much of the work did you do on your own, and how much as part of a team? Which did you enjoy more? 

  29. What are some of the more difficult problems you encountered in your past jobs? How did you solve them? 

  30. Did you ever make any suggestions to management? What happened? 

  31. What do you think management could do to make you function more effectively as an employee? 

  32. What has kept you from progressing as fast as you would have liked? 

  33. Tell me about your family. 

  34. What does your husband/wife do? 

  35. What else do you think I should know about you? 

  36. Tell me about the best/worst boss you ever had. 

  37. Everybody likes to criticize. What do people criticize about you? 

  38. Everybody has pet peeves. What are yours? 

  39. What is your leadership style? 

  40. Are you geographically mobile, either now, or in the future? 

  41. Isn’t this a career switch? 

  42. Do you think your education qualifies you for this position? (When applicant does not have a degree.) 

  43. You don’t have the experience/background for this position. How could you handle it? 

  44. We were thinking of an older/younger person for this job. 

  45. You are overqualified for this position, aren’t you? 

  46. Salary questions, early in the interview:
  47. What are your financial needs? 

  48. What is the minimum salary you would accept? 

  49. What is your salary history? 

  50. Are there any questions you would like to ask about the job/company? 

  51. We have all the information we need. We’ll be in touch with you. 

  52. We don’t feel that you have what we are looking for. 

  53. Tell me about yourself. 

  54. How long have you been looking for a new position? 

  55. Why are you considering leaving your current position? 

  56. What did you wish to accomplish in your current job but were unable to do? Why? 

  57. What will your current supervisor say about your performance (or most recent pat supervisor)? 

  58. What will your colleagues say about you? 

  59. How would your subordinates describe you? 

  60. What did your most recent performance appraisal say about the quality of your performance? 

  61. Have you ever been fired or resigned from a position? 

  62. What is the greatest value you bring to this organization? 

  63. What are your immediate, 5-year and 10-year goals? 

  64. Define your leadership and management style? 

  65. Define your decision-making style? 

  66. Define your success in problem solving? 

  67. Tell me about your communication skills? 

  68. Tell me about your negotiation skills? 

  69. What systems and software do you know? 

  70. What are the greatest contributors to your success? 

  71. How do you deal with stressful situations? (Describe a highly stressful situation you experienced at work within the past 12 months and how you handled it.) 

  72. What is the #1 achievement of your career? 

  73. What are the top 5 contributions you have made during your career? 

  74. What are your greatest strengths? 

  75. What are your limitations? 

  76. What motivates you to perform and excel? 

  77. Do you consider yourself a leader or a follower? 

  78. Are you a risk taker? 

  79. How do you determine or evaluate success? 

  80. What is the worst mistake you ever made on the job and how did you remedy the situation? 

  81. What have you learned from your mistakes? 

  82. If you could change something about your life, what would it be and why? 

  83. What are your views on continuing education? For yourself? For your employees? 

  84. Who was your most valuable mentor and why? 

  85. When you are hiring, what do you look for as the most important attribute in a candidate? 

  86. Have you ever had a supervisor you did not get along with and how did you manage the relationship? 

  87. Have you ever had to fire someone for poor performance? How did you manage the situation? 

  88. What are you looking for in a new opportunity? 

  89. How would you describe your ideal position? 

  90. What other positions are you interviewing for? 

  91. Is job security a prime consideration for you? 

  92. How long do you expect to stay with our company? 

  93. Suppose that we were to offer you the position today. If you could have only two other employees working with you to build this company, what would those individuals be responsible for and why? 

  94. What will you bring to this position that another candidate will not? 

  95. Are you willing to travel? How often? 

  96. What is your expectation for number of hours to be worked each week? 

  97. Why are you interested in our company? 

  98. What type of person would you hire for this position? 

  99. Why should we hire you? 

  100. What are your compensation requirements?