Home Depot Sales Associate Interview Preparation Online Course
Home Depot Sales Associate Interview Preparation Online Course

Home Depot Sales Associate Interview Preparation Online Course

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  • Now with over 100 questions and answers for practice.
  • Added a 120-page workbook to complement the course and slides. 

Let us help you ace your upcoming Sales Associate interview at Home Depot


Congratulations on starting the journey towards a new job at Home Depot. Whether you are starting your new career, changing your career, moving in your current company or just looking for something new, CONGRATULATIONS.


The Bad News 

The entire interview process can get stressful. From phone interviews, to on site interviews, to avoiding nervousness be becoming confident, to learning about the company, to wearing the right clothes etc. etc. etc. - there is a lot going on.


The Bigger Problem

Lack of confidence before an interview - The # 1 reason why people fail at an interview.  

Coursetake’s 8 x 3 Step Interview Preparation Plan to Ace Your Upcoming Sales Associate Interview at Home Depot

To ace your Sales Associate interview at Home Depot, we propose an 8 x 3 Interview mastery plan that consists of 8 core steps and 3 acceleration steps.

  1. The 8 Core Steps – Follow one step at a time.
    1. Step 1 – Figure out the interview process at Home Depot.
    2. Step 2 – Study the Home Improvement Goods and Services Retail industry.
    3. Step 3 – Study the company Home Depot in detail.
    4. Step 4 – Study the Job Description for Sales Associate at Home Depot.
    5. Step 5 – Study the Main Question Types.
    6. Step 6 – Practice, Practice, Practice.
    7. Step 7 – Ask the Right Questions.
    8. Step 8 – Get Ready for Interview Day.
  1. The 3 Acceleration Steps – Follow throughout the process.
    1. Get Motivated
    2. Get Organized
    3. Stay Consistent

We’ve done the work for you

  1. We’ve already researched the interview process for a Sales Associate at Home Depot.
  2. We’ve already researched the Home Improvement Goods and Services Retail industry.
  3. We’ve already researched Home Depot.
  4. We know exactly how to study the job description.
  5. We know exactly how to answer every question asked the Sales Associate interview at Home Depot.
  6. We will tell you exactly how you should practice.
  7. We know exactly what questions you should ask.
  8. We know exactly what you need to do on interview day.

More Importantly

  1. We know exactly how you should work on your confidence and avoid any nervousness during your interview.
  2. We know exactly how you should be organized.
  3. We know exactly how you should stay consistent.

Home Depot’s Sales Associate Interview Preparation Course

This class is purely about preparing for an upcoming Sales Associate Job Interview with Home Depot.

My aim is to take you through a systematic process one step at a time to help you ace this upcoming interview.

Whether it’s on the phone, in person, or through video.

Whether it’s your group interview or individual interview.

Our approach will be to first teach you a lesson (modules) and then give you homework for you to complete.

This class consists of worksheets and slides, along with the video lectures, that you can download.

I’ve seen that the most successful candidates are the ones who NOT ONLY follow the lessons, but do the homework at the end of it all.


About Coursetake

Our Mission is to help students ace their upcoming interview.

We do that through job title and company specific interview training. Over 500,000 students helped in over 100 countries. Learn more at www.coursetake.com 

We are all hiring managers. We will give you the hiring manager’s perspective. The person who is going to write you a paycheck. Not recruiters or human resources.

Learn more at www.coursetake.com 

What will you get as part of this course?

  1. 362-page slide on how to ace the upcoming Sales Associate Interview at Home Depot.
  2. 6 hours of video to walk you through everything.
  3. 120-page workbook to complement the slides.
  4. 250-page book. We sell this separately too. You get it as a bonus with this course.
  5. 24/7 email support whenever you want it.
  6. Tons of Frameworks and over 100 Questions and Answers for Practice

Sample Questions and Answers Covered as Part of this Course

  1. What kind of integrity do you have?
  2. What past experiences in sales have you had?
  3. Why do you want to work here?
  4. How would you deal with angry customer?
  5. How would you deal with rude customer?
  6. Give me an example of how you handled a difficult customer?
  7. If you see a customer walking in the aisles looking confused what do you do?
  8. Describe a situation with a previous employer where you were confronted with a disgruntled customer and how did you handle the situation.
  9. what would you do if a customer was rude to you out of the blue
  10. what would you do if you saw a customer that looked confused?
  11. A customer is upset with a person on another department what do you do?
  12. What is a time you received excellent customer service?
  13. How does your past experiences make you qualified for this position?
  14. Describe a time when you were put in a difficult situation and how did you overcome it?
  15. Describe how you would handle a situation if a customer asked for a product that is not available/in stock
  16. How would you close the sale with a customer?
  17. What would your boss say about you?
  18. Background experience?
  19. How would you help a customer with something that you are not familiar with?
  20. What is a successful sale?

Sales Associates at Home Depot

Sales associates provide fast, friendly service by actively seeking out customers to assess their needs and provide assistance. Sales associates have an emphasis on department and product knowledge, providing information on product features, and knowing related items to sell an entire project. Associates in this position know how to greet, qualify, recommend and close every customer in their department, and know how to handle basics in adjacent departments. Sales associates maintain the in-stock condition of assigned areas, and ensure that it is clean, shoppable, and safe. Each associate has the responsibility of providing a safe working and shopping environment by following all safety policies & standards, completing specified safety training, immediately correcting hazards & unsafe conditions or reporting conditions to the Manager On Duty, and working safely as not to endanger themselves, co-workers, vendors, or customers. These associates work in cooperation with their Department Supervisor, other associates in their department as well as other sales departments (e.g., IMAs, and the Front-end Associates to ensure customers’ needs are met.

Job Description


  • Provides fast, friendly service
  • Actively seek out customers on the racetrack and in the aisles
  • Offer a friendly greeting, smile, and make eye contact with customers
  • Ask open ended questions about customers’ projects in order to determine their needs and level of expertise
  • Show enthusiasm with the customer
  • When necessary, handle several customers at once
  • Thank customers for shopping at The Home Depot
  • Follow up with customers via telephone when appropriate
  • Is knowledgeable about products and services offered by The Home Depot
  • Answer questions about merchandise for the customers’ level of expertise
  • Escort customers to appropriate merchandise, no matter what department
  • Describe features and benefits of merchandise
  • Explain the steps needed to complete projects and the products needed
  • Assist customers with special orders and installed sales
  • Acquire beginner product knowledge in adjacent departments
  • Acquire knowledge about cutting keys, ropes, blinds, carpet, wood, and mixing paint
  • Promote services offered at the Special Services Desk, Tool Rental, and Pro Desk
  • Has knowledge of other HD companies and how to best recommend them


  • Due to forklifts and other heavy equipment traveling through the store, temporary cracks may appear in the floor, causing an uneven walking surface
  • The warehouse environment can be dusty and noisy
  • Doors are frequently open, causing drafts and interior temperature changes
  • Floors around work area may become slippery during wet weather conditions
  • May have to handle merchandise and work with tools with sharp edges
  • Passing forklifts emit gas fumes
  • Tools, supplies and related merchandise may contain hazardous materials



Usually in a comfortable environment but with regular exposure to factors causing moderate physical discomfort from such things as dust, fumes or odors.

Travel: Typically requires overnight travel less than 10% of the time.

Additional Environmental Job Requirements:

Physical Job Requirements

  • Bending, stooping, reaching, twisting, lifting, pushing, pulling and moving items
    • Requires the ability to move around the store and maneuver merchandise when necessary
  • Responding to public address system announcements
    • Requires ability to respond to customer service calls, personal pages and general information announcements
  • Moving and Standing
    • Requires moving around the store to assist Customers
  • Identifying and reading reports, tickets and UPC labels
    • Requires recognizing, identifying and using merchandise and necessary reports


Must be eighteen years of age or older.

Must be legally permitted to work in the United States.

Additional Minimum Qualifications:

Education Required:

  • The knowledge, skills and abilities typically acquired through the completion of a high school diplomas and/or GED.
  • Years of Relevant Work Experience: 0 years
  • Physical Requirements:
  • Must continuously stand or walk or regularly requires lifting/handling/carrying material or equipment of moderate weight (8-20 pounds).

Additional Qualifications:

Preferred Qualifications:

  • 0 to 2 years Home Depot experience
  • 2 to 4 years Retail or Trade experience
  • Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Competencies: – Quality Service – Makes customers the first priority, actively seeks out customers, greets all customers, offers assistance
  • Product Knowledge – Demonstrates a high level of knowledge of products, services and procedures in assigned area and nearby departments, knows priority SKUs
  • Solutions – Seeks to fully understand the customers’ needs, provides customer with the best solution even if it involves a markdown, contacts other associates/leaders as needed; until customer s need is met
  • Respect – Treats customers in some sincere, appreciative manner and thanks them for their business, minimizes their time in the checkout line, acknowledges waiting customers and thanks for shopping with The Home Depot
  • Project Focus – Asks customers about their project and provides appropriate related items and services for total project, sells the whole project
  • Selling Skills – Promotes products and services using Greet-Qualify-Recommend-Close, resolves customers concerns; executes “Good, Better, Best” strategy.


We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Home Depot or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates.