Job Search Mastery


Job Search Mastery

Job Search Mastery

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80% of all jobs filled in a given month are filled through the “Hidden Job Market”. What you see online - on company websites, on job boards etc. etc. represent only 20% of all inventory. No “Recruiting Agencies” don’t hold the remaining. On top of that 95% of all candidates looking for jobs go after the 20%. 

6 and 7 figure executives tap into the hidden job market and Kunal intends to show you exactly how to do that with his new program “Job Search Mastery”. 

With “Job Search Mastery”, Kunal has put together a 15 step process to implement a strategy called the “Inbound Outbound” strategy to help you tap into this hidden job market, so that you too can get a 6 or even a 7 figure job.

Kunal’s style of teaching uses a combination of theory and practice. Expect to learn a concept, but then go back and do some homework. Kunal believes that the best students are the ones who do the homework at the end of each section.

With “Job Search Mastery”, the guesswork from job searching in today’s competitive and global job market is taken out of the picture. All of you have to do is follow along, one step at a time to your dream job. 

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Program Materials


2 hours of video that will walk you through the process of finding your new job. 


Detailed Slides covering every detail of the entire process.  


A complete workbook and guide to ensure you follow along the entire program in a step by step fashion.


How do 6 and 7 Figure Executives Look for Jobs? (a $67 value)

A Complete Course to ensure you follow the same techniques as 6 and 7 figure executives towards your job search

FREE Program - Interview Mastery (a $47 value)

Coursetake's best selling program - Interview Mastery given to you completely free of cost. 

Resume Templates (a $200 value)

Top notch resume templates to  ensure you're on top of the list to select for your upcoming interview. 

Free eBook - Start with a Vision, End with a Job Offer (a $9.99 value)

Kunal's Amazon Best Selling Book given to you completely free of cost.