Promotion Mastery


Promotion Mastery

Promotion Mastery

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Have you wondered what does it take to get promoted at work? Most people work hard in their jobs, but when it comes to getting promoted, there is almost always someone else ahead of them. On one extreme there are people who believe that the only way to get promoted is to talk your way through the corporate structure. On the other extreme, there are people who believe that working hard and doing good work is the only way to go. Kunal disagrees with both these approaches. 

To get promoted, your boss and his or her peers need to think that you are better than your peers. That's when you will get promoted. But how do you do that? You've got to do really good work, you've got to build a network of people who know and talk about the impact of your good work and you will need to recruit mentors in your company who can put you in the front of high impact projects. 

That's exactly why we created the program "Promotion Mastery". In this program, we've laid out a step by step process to get you promoted in the next 90 days. You will learn exactly what it takes to get a promotion from your current level, following one step at a time, one day at a time. 

These are the exact steps that Kunal followed took to take his career from an entry level employee to the Chief Operating Officer of a private software company. For the first time Kunal has put all knowlegde into one promotion mastery blueprint called "Promotion Mastery".

The Coursetake Approach - The 11 Step Promotion mastery framework

Program Materials


2 hours of video training that walks you through the 9 x 3 promotion mastery process to get you promoted in the next 90 days.


Detailed slides that walks you through every little detail of the entire program.   


A complete workbook that you can use to follow along as you go through the program. 


FREE COURSE - How do 6 and 7 Figure Executives Look for Jobs? ($67 value)

A complete course to show you how 6 and 7 figure executives look for jobs. 

FREE COURSE - Career Planning Mastery ($47 value)

A complete course to show you how to take your career from average to executive. 

FREE eBOOK - From AVERAGE to EXECUTIVE ($9.99 value)

Kunal's Best Selling Book - From Average to Executive given to you completely for FREE.