Amazon Program Manager Interview Preparation Study Guide

Amazon Program Manager Interview Preparation Study Guide

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  • Now with over 100 questions and answers for practice. 

Let us help you ace your upcoming Program Manager interview at Amazon


Congratulations on starting the journey towards a new job at Amazon. Whether you are starting your new career, changing your career, moving in your current company or just looking for something new, CONGRATULATIONS.


The Bad News 

The entire interview process can get stressful. From phone interviews, to on site interviews, to avoiding nervousness be becoming confident, to learning about the company, to wearing the right clothes etc. etc. etc. - there is a lot going on.


The Bigger Problem

Lack of confidence before an interview - The # 1 reason why people fail at an interview.  

Coursetake’s 8 x 3 Step Interview Preparation Plan to Ace Your Upcoming Program Manager Interview at Amazon

To ace your Program Manager interview at Amazon, we propose an 8 x 3 Interview mastery plan that consists of 8 core steps and 3 acceleration steps.

  1. The 8 Core Steps – Follow one step at a time.
    1. Step 1 – Figure out the interview process at Amazon.
    2. Step 2 – Study the Internet Commerce industry.
    3. Step 3 – Study the company Amazon in detail.
    4. Step 4 – Study the Job Description for Program Manager at Amazon.
    5. Step 5 – Study the Main Question Types.
    6. Step 6 – Practice, Practice, Practice.
    7. Step 7 – Ask the Right Questions.
    8. Step 8 – Get Ready for Interview Day.
  1. The 3 Acceleration Steps – Follow throughout the process.
    1. Get Motivated
    2. Get Organized
    3. Stay Consistent

We’ve done the work for you

  1. We’ve already researched the interview process for a Program Manager at Amazon.
  2. We’ve already researched the Internet Commerce industry.
  3. We’ve already researched Amazon.
  4. We know exactly how to study the job description.
  5. We know exactly how to answer every question asked the Program Manager interview at Amazon.
  6. We will tell you exactly how you should practice.
  7. We know exactly what questions you should ask.
  8. We know exactly what you need to do on interview day.

More Importantly

  1. We know exactly how you should work on your confidence and avoid any nervousness during your interview.
  2. We know exactly how you should be organized.
  3. We know exactly how you should stay consistent.

Amazon’s Program Manager Interview Preparation Book

This class is purely about preparing for an upcoming Program Manager Job Interview with Amazon.

My aim is to take you through a systematic process one step at a time to help you ace this upcoming interview.

Whether it’s on the phone, in person, or through video.

Whether it’s your group interview or individual interview.

Our approach will be to first teach you a chapter and then give you homework for you to complete.

This class consists of worksheets along with the book, that you can download and use.

I’ve seen that the most successful candidates are the ones who NOT ONLY follow the lessons, but do the homework at the end of it all.


About Coursetake

Our Mission is to help students ace their upcoming interview.

We do that through job title and company specific interview training. Over 500,000 students helped in over 100 countries. Learn more at 

We are all hiring managers. We will give you the hiring manager’s perspective. The person who is going to write you a paycheck. Not recruiters or human resources.

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What will you get as part of this book?

  1. 230+ pages book. 
  2. 24/7 email support whenever you want it.
  3. Tons of Frameworks and over 100 Questions and Answers for Practice

Sample Questions and Answers Covered as Part of this Course

1. When you have a large portfolio of projects under you, how do you know when a project is healthy or at risk? What indicators do you look for? What information do you request from project managers / task leaders, and how do you track it?

2. Give a specific example of what you have done when you have identified a project risk. What was the risk? How did you identify it? What did you do about it?

3. Do you enjoy working with people and are you able to handle people in a problematic situation?

4. If your team is low on energy how do you motivate them to do better?

5. Tell me why do you think you would be a good manager.

6. What is the hardest thing in moving a team to Agile?

7. You have two products to launch in a new country before the holiday and you have the resources to only launch one product at a time. Walk me through how you would deal with this situation.

8. You have no extra time and no extra resources but is asked by the CEO to add 20 extra features, what do you do?

9. How would you manage people in a virtual environment?

10. Tell me about your project management methodology.

11. Describe how you would handle the Marketing team when they make commitments to customers that Engineering teams cannot keep?

12. How would you use your expertise to resolve an issue with a customer or dealer?

13. How would you deal with difficult, dictatorial, waterfall stakeholders in transitioning to an Agile world?

14. How would you cope in a start-up environment and be flexible and dynamic culture?

15. How do you deal with constant change?

16. What are the key to delivering a successful program?

17. If your team is unable to deliver a feature asked for or promised, how are you going to tell me no?

18. What would you do if you received an estimate from a developer that did not line up with your own thoughts?

19. What types of methodologies are you versed in?

20. How would you implement Change Management concepts in an agile environment?

21. Give an example of a process that you created that did not work out.

22. Tell me about a time when you had to make a Win/Lose decision and how you managed that outcome.

23. Tell me about a time when you took initiative and went above and beyond the scope of a task.

24. How do you motivate a software engineer?

25. Are all stakeholders equal when a conflict arises?

26. Tell me about a time when you disagreed with your team.

27. How do you manage people resisting change yet leadership is requesting output that requires something different?

28. Share a challenging situation you faced on a project, explain the conditions, and the outcome.

29. What is your idea of reasonable turnaround time for a project?

30. How would you explain story points to a team who is new to Agile/Scrum?

31. What size and types of projects have you project managed?

32. How would you deliver a project when there are two conflicting directives issued by your manager and your manager's manager?

33. What is your experience using project management tools and which ones?

34. In order of priority what are most important aspects - people, processes, communication?

35. Many people who have PhD degrees look down on other people. They might yell at you and tell you to leave them alone. What would you do?

36. Describe a situation when you felt threatened in the workplace? And how did you handle it?

37. Have you ever had a project go into a RED or behind schedule status?

38. How do you handle projects that did not meet expectations?

39. Do you have any issues reporting to your direct supervisor that is located in another office?

40. How do you manage your time and prioritize?

41. How do you manage conflict?

42. How are you able to balance working on multiple projects at once?

43. How do you handle coworkers with bad attitude and motivation?

44. What is more important to you the health of the company or the health of your specific job?

45. How would you deal with a stakeholder who was insisting that a complex process would be the ideal solution to an existing problem?

46. In a chaotic environment, how would you manage multiple deliverables?

47. How do you manage project timelines with change requests?

48. What would you do if you were told to just reproduce an existing report for requirements?

49. Suppose you are the  and the technical manager does not agree with you on the solution. He wants to build a Java application instead of using SharePoint. So how you go about talking to him?

50. If a client told you they wanted to make a rock, what question would you ask first?

51. Explain a business analysis situation that you faced in your previous job that was most challenging and how did you tackle it and what did you learn and what was your strength to solve it?

52. Do you feel comfortable working and reporting to higher direct authority?

53. How do you react to adversity in the work place?

54. Tell me about a time you were able to implement an idea that was not popular with the group? How did you sell them on the idea and ultimately, how did you get them to accept it?

Program Managers at Amazon

Note: Example from Marketplace Seller Qualification team

At Amazon, we're working to be the most customer-centric company on earth and to grow in a fast-paced environment for both our Customers and our Sellers. To get there, we need exceptionally talented, bright, dynamic and driven people. If you'd like to help us build the place to find and buy anything online, this is your chance to make history.  We are looking for a Program Manager to join the Marketplace Seller Qualification team focusing on Content enhancement, Associate Experience, and Seller Experience. For products that require approval for Marketplace Sellers to sell, you will be the owner of Seller-facing content - which includes deep-dives, content audits, SOP creation, as well as driving and influencing change across teams - with the end goal of eliminating Seller confusion in listing products in the Marketplace.  The Program Manager will work in close cooperation with Legal, Change Program Management, Product Management and Technology teams providing feedback to improve content on the Marketplace platform, and ensure the best Seller and Associate Experience.  You will also create best practices for content management, troubleshooting issues, and product reviewers. Being able to identify patterns, being well versed with crafting good Seller-facing content, and an eye for detail will make you successful at this job. 

Basic Qualifications

  • Bachelor degree or equivalent
  • A sound understanding of web technologies 
  • Demonstrated collaborative skills and ability to work well within a team, including adherence to core values and dynamic team cultures
  • Ability to understand, troubleshoot and describe complex technical processes and issues
  • Ability to work under time pressure and meet performance goals
  • Exceptional organizational skills, and ability to work independently and autonomously
  • Self-motivated with critical attention to detail, deadlines and reporting
  • Demonstrated skill and passion for problem solving and operational excellence
  • Core Program and Project Management skills (regular updates, Program flashes, review meetings, etc.) 

Preferred Qualifications

  • Prior Content Management or Customer/Seller facing experience preferred


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