Home Depot Assessment Test Online Course
Home Depot Assessment Test Online Course

Home Depot Assessment Test Online Course

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About Home Depot

You can apply for a job at Home Depot by completing an in-store or online application. Carefully fill in your personal information and any relevant previous retail or home improvement experience. Expect three basic assessment tests to follow the submission of your application. Kenexa Prove It has developed a specific test battery known as Home Depot Retail Management Assessment (RMA). The aim of the Home Depot RMA is to match a specific position with the employee that best fits the parameters of the job. If you pass all of these tests, you will be invited to a face-to-face interview. The interview will conclude the application process and determine if you will start to work at Home Depot.

Pre-Interview Screening Tests

The Home Depot pre-interview screening tests examine skills and experience, self-assessment, and basic math concepts.


Skills and Experience
Personality Test
Basic Math Concepts

    Situational Judgement Tests

    Situational Judgement Tests have gained increasing popularity in the past years. They measure an individual’s ability to decide on effective ways of handling real life situations, allowing employers to evaluate job candidates' behavioral skills. The tests in this category are tailored for customer service, sales and call center representatives positions.
    Situational judgment tests vary greatly in their structure and format. The test can be formulated as a written text or as a simulation that includes images, sounds or video segments.
    However, the basic structure is always a scenario that presents a conflict, followed by response options to the situation.

    Personality Assessment Tests

    Personality tests are designed to measure a candidate's internal characteristics, such as feelings, attitudes, motives, and so on.
    This may sound at first like a sophisticated test you cannot prepare for and whose results you are unable to affect, but, the truth is that you can.

    The essence of these tests is that they supply the respondent with direct questions for which the respondent must provide an answer.

    Personality tests use the ability possessed by all human beings to offer information about their life events and experiences as well as their otherwise unobserved thoughts and feelings. 

    Math Problems

    In each question, you will be presented with three different computational problems. You will first need to solve each of these problems, and will then be asked to either find the sum of these solutions, their average, or a certain percentage of their sum. The answer must then be rounded to the nearest whole number. 

    It is important to practice with the same calculator which you will use on the actual test. For this reason, make sure to first find out which calculators are permitted on the test you will be taking, and start practicing with the one you feel most comfortable with. 

    What do you get as part of the course?

    • Situational Judgement Tests (SJT) Preparation
      • How to ace your SJT?
      • Five Situational Judgment Test (SJT) practice units that will help you learn the decision making skills you need.
      • Each test contains 10 questions.
      • Answers with detailed explanations.
    • Personality Test Preparation - teaching you how to successfully pass your personality assessment.
      • How to ace Personality Tests?
      • 2 Practice Tests
      • Test 1 - 233 Questions
      • Test 2 – 219 Questions
      • Suggested Answers
    • Basic Math Preparation
      • Video Course on How to Ace your Math Concepts Test
      • Five Basic Math Concept Tests
      • Five Math Word Problem Tests
      • Each test contains 15 – 23 questions
      • Answers with detailed explanations.